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Here you will find all wiki related information with regards to guidelines for contributing, moderating, and tips on using the wiki.

Table of Contents

  1. Using the Wiki
  2. Contribution Guides
  1. Templates

Using the Wiki

The Free Code Camp wiki exists to provide clear answers to common questions about Free Code Camp, learning to code, and getting a coding job. Please feel free to add relevant content to the wiki. Just be sure to search for a topic and see if it already exists before starting a new page.

Individual Wikis can be accessed from the main page, or from other linked wiki pages.

You can also access wiki pages from Gitter using Camperbot:

  • help $topic

    Finds related materials to that topic, usually a page from the wiki. Examples:
    help css
    help bootstrap

  • topics

    Shows the list of topics.

  • find $topic

    This will search for entries that include $topic in the title. Example:
    find wiki

Contribution Guides

We currently have a couple of guides to help you contribute, via the browser, command line, or desktop application.


Before creating your first pull request or starting your work as an issue moderator, it is strongly suggested that you get familiar with the labels guide. This will provide you with a through understanding on our labeling system so you can use it properly and maintain a stable workflow.

For a list of labels used globally throughout FreeCodeCamp’s repositories, consult the guide “Select Issues for Contributing Using Labels.”


Creating issues in general is simpler than creating a pull request.


If you are really committed to contributing to the wiki and would like to join the team and be able to merge pull requests, create new labels, assign mods to specific pull requests, and more, then just check the requirements to become a wiki mod and follow the instructions.

Improve someone’s pull request: At some point while managing the influx of pull requests, you will be faced with a choice between letting an old contribution die out because the improvements needed have not been applied, or improving the contribution yourself while also keeping the initial contributor’s work. The latter is often the best choice.


We aim to translate all our articles into as many languages as we can support. For this, we need people willing to collaborate and translate articles. We have a series of articles that will help you get started and solve any issues:


We have a few templates for different aspects of the wiki, such as different articles and fixed information to help contribute.

Article Templates

These templates guide the creation of new articles such as algorithm challenges and informational articles.

Contribution Templates

These templates are visible when you are trying to contribute to the Wiki. They provide useful information, guides, and guidelines that you must follow to ensure a proper contribution.

This page is still under construction, feel free to contribute to it by linking to existing resources or expanding the content of this page.