Requirements to become a wiki Moderator

There are many ways to contribute to the wiki without being part of the Senior Group. However, if you want to become one, there are certain requirements that you must meet first:

  • Be Active: You must have been actively contributing to the wiki. This means:

    • You have been creating new articles.
    • You have been improving existing articles.
    • You have been helping mods and other contributors with their pull request.
    • You have been active in the official Wiki chat room.

    You don’t have to complete all of them but the most you check from this list the better your chances are. This shows that you are interested and committed and not just helping briefly and then vanish.

  • Know your domain: You must have a decent knowledge of the Git command line and desktop app, along with enough experience submitting pull request that are fully compliant with our guidelines. This means you also need to be familiar with contributing from a browser. This will show that you can handle your own and help other with any issues they might have with their pull request and using Git/github.

  • Reach out: Once you have completed the requirements from steps one and two, feel free to contact Rafase282 and kindly ask to join. Chances are that you are already well known within the wiki community and he has approached you first. If that is not the case then don’t hesitate to show what you can bring to the team.

    Note If you contact any of the senior moderators prior to achieving the requirements or directly send a request to join via github, it will be immediately rejected without previous communication.

If you are accepted then you will be officially introduced to the team and gain access to the exclusive perks such as being able to merge a pull request, assign team members to pull request and more.

If you are not accepted, then an explanation will be provided and you can try again at a later date unless you are otherwise told not to.