Create Translation issues to track the progress.

Before starting translations of challenges, GitHub issues need to be created specific to the language of translation. Translators should create issues with the details of the challenges to be tracked in that particular issue.

Create a translations issue

FreeCodeCamp’s Issues Section, has mainly two kinds of requests related with the translation of the challenges:

  • Some to start the translation of one of the files in the directory seeds/challenges. See for example: Issue #4544

Sample Issue

  • Other issues requesting to verify or to update an existing translation of one the files in directory seeds/challenges. For example: Issue #6517. These can be reopened when there is a change in the English version of the challenge.

Pro Tip : You can quickly check issues related to translation by looking for the translation label.

If you see issues already open for the challenges, then you could proceed to working on them.

If you can’t see any related issues, or that can’t be reopened, then start by creating them for the challenge category you would like to work on. Remember to discuss in the Chat room for a confirmation of the challenges that you would like to add to the issue.

Pro Tip : Follow the example shown above, for consistency in the formatting of the issues, like adding checklists for challenges.

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