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Front End Development Certification


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  5. Challenge: Commit to a Goal and a Nonprofit


Basic Front End Development Projects

Basic JavaScript

  1. Challenge: Comment your JavaScript Code
  2. Challenge: Understand Boolean Values
  3. Challenge: Declare JavaScript Variables
  4. Challenge: Storing Values with the Equal Operator
  5. Challenge: Initializing Variables with the Equal Operator
  6. Challenge: Understanding Uninitialized Variables
  7. Challenge: Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables
  8. Challenge: Add Two Numbers with JavaScript
  9. Challenge: Subtract One Number from Another with JavaScript
  10. Challenge: Multiply Two Numbers with JavaScript
  11. Challenge: Divide One Number by Another with JavaScript
  12. Challenge: Increment a Number with Javascript
  13. Challenge: Decrement a Number with Javascript
  14. Challenge: Create Decimal Numbers with JavaScript
  15. Challenge: Multiply Two Decimals with JavaScript
  16. Challenge: Divide one Decimal by Another with JavaScript
  17. Challenge: Finding a Remainder in Javascript
  18. Challenge: Assignment with Plus Equals
  19. Challenge: Assignment with Minus Equals
  20. Challenge: Assignment with Times Equals
  21. Challenge: Assignment with Divided by Equals
  22. Challenge: Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
  23. Challenge: Declare String Variables
  24. Challenge: Escaping Literal Quotes in Strings
  25. Challenge: Quoting Strings with Single Quotes
  26. Challenge: Escape Sequences in Strings
  27. Challenge: Concatenating Strings with Plus Operator
  28. Challenge: Concatenating Strings with the Plus Equals Operator
  29. Challenge: Constructing Strings with Variables
  30. Challenge: Appending Variables to Strings
  31. Challenge: Find the Length of a String
  32. Challenge: Use Bracket Notation to Find the First Character in a String
  33. Challenge: Understand String Immutability
  34. Challenge: Use Bracket Notation to Find the Nth Character in a String
  35. Challenge: Use Bracket Notation to Find the Last Character in a String
  36. Challenge: Use Bracket Notation to Find the Nth-to-Last Character in a String
  37. [Challenge: Word Blanks]( word-blanks/)
  38. Challenge: Store Multiple Values in one Variable using JavaScript Arrays
  39. Challenge: Nest one Array within Another Array
  40. Challenge: Access Array Data with Indexes
  41. Challenge: Modify Array Data With Indexes
  42. Challenge: Access Multi-Dimensional Arrays With Indexes
  43. Challenge: Manipulate Arrays With pop()
  44. Challenge: Manipulate Arrays With push()
  45. Challenge: Manipulate Arrays With shift()
  46. Challenge: Manipulate Arrays With unshift()
  47. Challenge: Shopping List
  48. Challenge: Write Reusable JavaScript with Functions
  49. Challenge: Passing Values to Functions with Arguments
  50. Challenge: Global Scope and Functions
  51. Challenge: Local Scope and Functions
  52. Challenge: Global vs. Local Scope in Functions
  53. Challenge: Return a Value from a Function with Return
  54. Challenge: Assignment with a Returned Value
  55. Challenge: Stand in Line
  56. Challenge: Use Conditional Logic with If-Else Statements
  57. Challenge: Comparison with the Equality Operator
  58. Challenge: Comparison with the Strict Equality Operator
  59. Challenge: Comparison with the Inequality Operator
  60. Challenge: Comparison with the Strict Inequality Operator
  61. Challenge: Comparison with the Greater Than Operator
  62. Challenge: Comparison with the Greater Than Equal To Operator
  63. Challenge: Comparison with the Less Than Operator
  64. Challenge: Comparison with the Less Than Equal To Operator
  65. Challenge: Comparisons with the Logical And Operator
  66. Challenge: Comparisons with the Logical Or Operator
  67. Challenge: Introducing Else Statements
  68. Challenge: Introducing Else If Statements
  69. Challenge: Logical Order in If Else Statements
  70. Challenge: Chaining If Else Statements
  71. Challenge: Golf Code
  72. Challenge: Selecting from many options with Switch Statements
  73. Challenge: Adding a default option in Switch statements
  74. Challenge: Multiple Identical Options in Switch Statements
  75. Challenge: Replacing If Else Chains with Switch
  76. Challenge: Returning Boolean Values from Functions
  77. Challenge: Return Early Pattern for Functions
  78. Challenge: Counting Cards
  79. Challenge: Build JavaScript Objects
  80. Challenge: Accessing Objects Properties with the Dot Operator
  81. Challenge: Accessing Objects Properties with Bracket Notation
  82. Challenge: Accessing Objects Properties with Variables
  83. Challenge: Updating Object Properties
  84. Challenge: Add New Properties to a JavaScript Object
  85. Challenge: Delete Properties from a JavaScript Object
  86. Challenge: Using Objects for Lookups
  87. Challenge: Testing Objects for Properties
  88. Challenge: Introducing JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  89. Challenge: Accessing Nested Objects in JSON
  90. Challenge: Accessing Nested Arrays in JSON
  91. Challenge: Record Collection
  92. Challenge: Iterate with JavaScript For Loops
  93. Challenge: Iterate Odd Numbers With a For Loop
  94. Challenge: Count Backwards With a For Loop
  95. Challenge: Iterate Through an Array with a For Loop
  96. Challenge: Nesting For Loops
  97. Challenge: Iterate with JavaScript While Loops
  98. Challenge: Profile Lookup
  99. Challenge: Generate Random Fractions with JavaScript
  100. Challenge: Generate Random Whole Numbers with JavaScript
  101. Challenge: Generate Random Whole Numbers within a Range
  102. Challenge: Sift through Text with Regular Expressions
  103. Challenge: Find Numbers with Regular Expressions
  104. Challenge: Find White Space with Regular Expressions
  105. Challenge: Invert Regular Expression Matches with JavaScript

Object Oriented and Functional Programming

Basic Algorithm Scripting

JSON APIs and Ajax

Intermediate Front End Development Projects

  • Build a Random Quote Machine
  • Show the Local Weather
  • Build a Wikipedia Viewer
  • Use the JSON API

Intermediate Algorithm Scripting

Advanced Algorithm Scripting

Advanced Front End Development Projects

  • Build a JavaScript Calculator
  • Build a Pomodoro Clock
  • Build a Tic Tac Toe Game
  • Build a Simon Game

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Data Visualization Certification


  • Learn Sass Challenges Incomplete


  • Learn React Challenges

React Projects

  • Build a Markdown Previewer
  • Build a Camper Leaderboard
  • Build a Recipe Box
  • Build the Game of Life
  • Build a Rouguelike Dungeon Crawler Game


  • Learn D3 Challenges

Data Visualization Projects

Claim Your Data Visualization Certificate

  • Claim Your Data Visualization Certificate

Back End Development Certification

Automated Testing and Debugging


Node.js and Express.js

  • Challenge: Manage Packages with NPM
  • Challenge: Start a Node.js Server
  • Challenge: Continue working with Node.js Servers
  • Challenge: Finish working with Node.js Servers
  • Challenge: Build Web Apps with Express.js


  • Challenge: Store Data in MongoDB

API Projects

Dynamic Web Applications Projects

  • Build a Voting App
  • Build a Nightlife Coordination App
  • Chart the Stock Market
  • Manage a Book Trading Club
  • Build a Pinterest Clone

Claim Your Back End Development Certificate

  • Claim Your Back End Development Certificate

Video Challenges

Computer Basics

  • Computer Basics: The 4 Basic Parts of a Computer
  • Computer Basics: More Computer Hardware
  • Computer Basics: Chips and Moore’s Law
  • Computer Basics: Intro to Binary Code
  • Computer Basics: Decoding a Binary Number
  • Computer Basics: How To Measure Data Size
  • Computer Basics: Measuring Data Speed
  • Computer Basics: Binary Bytes
  • Computer Basics: Types of Computers
  • Computer Basics: More on the Motherboard
  • Computer Basics: Data Networks
  • Computer Basics: IP Addresses
  • Computer Basics: How the Internet Works
  • Computer Basics: Software
  • Computer Basics: Content Delivery Networks
  • Analog vs Digital and File Compression
  • Routers and Packets
  • Source Code
  • Variables In Code
  • What Do Programmers Do?
  • Console and Logging
  • Computer Security


  • The DOM: What’s the Document Object Model?
  • The DOM: Style in the Header, Script in the Footer

JavaScript Lingo

  • JavaScript Lingo: MDN and Documentation
  • JavaScript Lingo: Value Types
  • JavaScript Lingo: Variables & camelCase
  • JavaScript Lingo: Arrays & Objects
  • JavaScript Lingo: Finding and Indexing Data in Arrays
  • JavaScript Lingo: Manipulating Data
  • JavaScript Lingo: Math
  • JavaScript Lingo: Loops JavaScript Lingo: Regular Expressions

Chrome Developer Tools

  • Chrome Dev Tools: Elements
  • Chrome Dev Tools: Network
  • Chrome Dev Tools: Sources
  • Chrome Dev Tools: Timeline
  • Chrome Dev Tools: Profiles
  • Chrome Dev Tools: Resources
  • Chrome Dev Tools: Audits
  • Chrome Dev Tools: Console
  • Chrome Dev Tools: Summary

Big O Notation

  • Big O Notation: What It Is and Why You Should Care
  • Big O Notation: A Few Examples

Full Stack Development Certification

Nonprofit Projects

  • Greenfield Nonprofit Project #1
  • Greenfield Nonprofit Project #2
  • Legacy Code Nonprofit Project #1
  • Legacy Code Nonprofit Project #2
  • Claim your Full Stack Development Certification

Coding Interview Preparation

Coding Interview Training

  • Soft Skill Training
  • Critical Thinking Training
  • Whiteboard Coding Training

Mock Interviews

  • Mock Interview #1
  • Mock Interview #2
  • Mock Interview #3