How to Start When you are Stuck Part 3

How to start when you are stuck (I)

How to start when you are stuck (II)


  • Always look at your logs, keep your console open. You can spot errors faster this way. To open the console log on chrome: click right -> inspect -> console There are so many errors that come from typos and so much time lost that you can save just by developing this very simple habit
  • Pair with other programmers as much as you can
  • Read the documentation. You can install a very helpful MDN Chrome Extension and use it as much and often as you need to
  • Follow the help tips provided by Free Code Camp in the “More informations” section. The answer is there!
  • Try to solve the problem in more than one way, always try to make it better, more readable, a lower complexity time, less memory
  • If none of the above steps work, ask for help :)