Gitter Moderation Policy

Here’s how our chatroom moderators deal with inappropriate behavior.

  1. Moderators will ban the following people immediately:

Spammers People who violate our code of conduct
Trolls People who come across as excessively negative

  1. Moderators will then send them this message:
Hey, I'm sorry but I had to temporarily ban you.

I can consider unbanning you, but I need you to do something first.

1. Read our [**`Code of Conduct`**](    
2. Please confirm that you've read it.    
3. Explain to me why you think I banned you.
  1. Based on their reply, moderators can decide whether to unban the offender. If the offender hasn’t been banned by that moderator before, and if they seem respectful and apologetic, the moderator can unban them. As a matter of policy, moderators will be polite during this process, no matter how poorly the offender has behaved.

  2. Moderators will summarize the event for other moderators.