How to Report a Bug

Thank you for taking the effort to report an issue with FreeCodeCamp.

If you think you’ve found a bug on FreeCodeCamp, please follow these steps to resolve your problem:

  1. If the page seems broken in any way, try to do a Hard Refresh of the page. This will update any old code that may have been cached in your browser.
  1. Ask for Help on Gitter. You can usually get a quick response from a helpful community member there.

  2. If your problem has baffled everyone in Gitter, try Searching for Your Issue on GitHub for anyone who has posted about a similar issue. If someone has, you can upvote the issue by replying to it with “+1” as your message.

  3. If you can’t find any relevant issues on GitHub, then Create a New Issue and our development team will take a look at your problem.