Guide to Submiting Posts to Free Code Camp Medium Publications

Thousands of people read our Medium publication. Here’s how to submit posts, and what we look for in posts that we ultimately publish.

  1. Create a Medium account
  2. Add a headshot and bio
  3. Email to request to become a writer for our publication
  4. Start submitting posts to us for us to review and potentially publish

Content tips:

  • Read through articles that have already been published on our publication and write about things we haven’t covered yet.
  • Autobiographical posts need a unique perspective or a non-obvious takeaway.
  • Technical articles are welcome, and should be written so that most people who have only been coding for a year can still understand them
  • Humorous posts do quite well with our community, and even serious articles can be lightened up with humor
  • 7 minutes is technically the optimal post length, but don’t dilute your content to reach that length
  • Keep your tone positive, and keep any criticism you may have metered and objective
  • Good writing takes time. A 7-minute medium post takes me (Quincy Larson) around 4 - 6 hours

Style tips:

  • Feature a large, exciting image at the top of the page
  • Break up text with good, relevant images throughout
  • Break points down and use headlines and sub headlines where necessary
  • Avoid the “wall of text” affect by keeping paragraphs between 1 - 4 sentences
  • Use exclamation points and ellipsis sparingly
  • Avoid profanity and any statements that Lisa (the character from The Simpsons) would find offensive
  • Avoid using more than one conjunction in a sentence
  • Re-read your post to make sure there aren’t any obvious typos

Our goal is to publish as many camper submissions as possible while maintaining a baseline level of quality.

We get a lot of submissions. Please don’t take offense if we don’t publish your submission immediately. Instead, message @QuincyLarson in Gitter and I can give you the status of your submission and quick feedback.

Happy writing and coding!