Free Code Camp Issue labels

In this article you can find labels (see the table below) used to categorize the variety of issues submitted to FCC, along with descriptions (work in progress). The labels range from bugs to questions to curriculum requests. For example, if an issue has a Wiki label, you can create a wiki article about that issue—after reading the Wiki Style Guide.

You can use labels to help you choose which issues to click on, rather than randomly clicking to find one of interest to you. Of course, you can work on and submit PRs for issues without labels. However you choose an issue, please be sure to read the Guidelines for Contributing before submitting any pull requests.

Thanks @bugron, @ahstro, @benschenker, for compiling this list of labels and descriptions.

Note: The labels blocked, confirmed, and QA are also tied to Waffle, a management system for FCC (GitHub) issues, and are automatically added and removed by it.

Label Description
accessibility The issue doesn’t necessarily break the site, but it makes it harder to use (for example, tests used to evaluate while you typed, which would cause the whole screen to flicker). This label also marks improvements to the site’s usability for people with vision impairment or other disabilities.
accounts A camper has a problem with his/her FCC account, such as login problems, losing progress, or a profile page that is missing some solutions.
beta The issue is related to FCC’s beta site.
bike shedding The request is are trivial or essentially irrelevant to the purposes of the site. In other words, issues that have no real consequence, yet which people insist on spending cycles on.
blocked An issue that should not be worked on, while awaiting the creator’s response or more information, or because the issue is stale.
bug A confirmed and reproducible bug in FCC’s code that occurs not only, for example, in Internet Explorer.
chrome The issue can be reproduced only in Google Chrome.
confirmed The reported issue has been verified. (It basically says the issue creator has successfully communicated how to replicate the issue, but no one has started working toward a fix.)
curriculum request Anything that is requested to be added to current curriculum—for example, requesting a new challenge, adding more explanation to a challenge, etc.
device specific The issue presents only for a particular device (smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc.).
Discussing This issue is currently at the discussion stage.
duplicate This issue duplicates another issue and most likely will be closed.
first-timers-only This issue is not critical but should be easy for a camper to fix within their first couple of PRs. Think of these as the camper’s gateway to becoming a contributor.
enhancement Similar to a Feature Request, but more related to improving existing features rather than adding new ones.
feature request A request to add a feature to FCC. For example, a request to add the ability to edit or remove Algorithms from a camper’s profile page.
firefox The issue can be reproduced only in Mozilla Firefox.
help wanted Owners or issue moderators need campers’ help to investigate or fix the issue.
hikes The issue is related to Hikes (which are not currently available in the curriculum).
ie/edge The issue can be reproduced only in Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. FCC officially supports only Google Chrome.
in progress Someone is currently making a fix for the issue.
must start ASAP This issue needs to be reviewed/resolved as soon as possible.
on the roadmap Generally, a feature request that is planned to be implemented in future updates or that will be implemented in the near future.
QA (Quality Assurance) A fix has been submitted and needs to be reviewed before merging.
question The issue is a question.
reactify The issue is related to moving to reactjs.
resolved The issue is resolved/fixed.
tests The issue should be fixed with a test improvement, meaning someone needs to fix asserts.
todo Something that needs to be done in future.
translation The issue is either a translation request or related to an already implemented translation.
ux (User Experience) Similar to accessibility, but less about whether something is difficult to use than it is about campers’ experiencing an issue that leads to a negative user experience. For example, this tag is used when something may be too complicated or when the use of a feature is difficult to understand.
wiki Relates to FCC’s GitHub Wiki articles. May be a request to create one.
wontfix The issue is not fixable or will not be fixed in near future. For example, adding support for the MS Edge browser.