Algorithm Boo Who

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Problem Explanation:

This program is very simple, the trick is to understand what a boolean primitive is. The programs requires a true or false answer.

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💬 Hint: 1

  • You will need to check for the type of the parameter to see if it is a boolean.

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💬 Hint: 2

  • To check for the type of a parameter, you can use typeof.

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💬 Hint: 3

  • Since you must return true or false you can use if statements or just have it return the boolean used for the if statement.

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🔰 Basic Code Solution:

function booWho(bool) {
  return typeof bool === 'boolean';

// test here

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Code Explanation:

Uses the operator typeof to check if the variable is a boolean. If it is, it will return true. Otherwise, if it is any other type it will return false.

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